Monday, March 11, 2013


The pile of boxes is growing on the patch of floor in the living room I use as a staging area while getting ready for road trips.

I've been invited to bring yarn for sale on the trip to Fort St. John, so part of my time the past few days has been spent coning big cones onto little ones for re-sale (I try to buy larger 'mill' cones because they are cheaper than smaller yarn packages, but that means making smaller cones to sell to weavers who don't weave quite as much as I do!)

Doug and the son of a friend spent part of yesterday afternoon applying labels to the cones and started packing them up into smallish boxes.  With my back so 'tender' my usual 50 pound boxes didn't seem like a wise idea.  :-/  Even so, the smaller boxes are 20+ pounds.  So much for the Ford truck commercial that insinuated that if you were only ever carrying 'yarn' you didn't need such a sturdy truck as their tough whatever model it was.

Realized that I really don't have a lot of lace samples anymore so tossed the Mug Rug binder into my suitcase because I have a couple of lace samples in that.  I still need to finish packing up the rest of the teaching aids, including the large charts of drafts/drawdowns I had made and laminated.  I couldn't find them for the trip south, then found them immediately I came home.  Fortunately I made do without them.

Now, however, both looms are bare so I need to quickly get at least the small loom with a warp onto it  I've got sample #3 for Linen&Hemp worked out.  I'm going to weave a wider and therefore shorter warp because my neck is not happy with me, so less 'heavy' beating (required for the all linen fabric) is again, desirable.

While I am very happy to be alive, I wish my body didn't need quite so much coddling.  :^)

(the reason for the glare in the upper right of the photo is that the sun is shining brightly and bouncing off the snow - yes, we do still have that much snow!!!!)


Sandra Rude said...

I'm sorry you still have snow - I wish I could send you some of our pleasant Spring day! Safe travels to you, and take care of that back!

Laura Fry said...

Oh snow is 'normal' this time of year here. It's just more than usual.


Anonymous said...


When my aunt gifted me with her loom, she also gave me her stash. We packed the loom for freight shipping and put the yarn in a large box. When I tried to check it on the plane home, the attendant (whose first language was not English) asked what was in it. When I said "yarn" several times, she informed me that they were not responsible if it got broken.

Guess the airlines have something in common with Ford.

Take care of yourself.

Kaaren in California