Friday, March 22, 2013

Those Old Deadlines

Asked Doug to mail a couple of parcels for me today and was shocked at how expensive mail to the UK now is.  Since I'll be travelling there next month I'll bring some of my publications with me in hopes of selling a few along the way...if nothing else I can mail them within the UK which will be a lot cheaper than trying to mail them from here.  :(

A careful examination of the calendar revealed that although it still looks like winter outside, it is far from it.  Sudden realization dawned that in order to complete the warps to be delivered to the dyer by April 8, I will have to wind at least 3 warps a day, preferably more.  Yesterday I did manage 3 and today I've done two more, so I'm hoping to get one more done this afternoon.  I still have to pack for the workshop in Langley and do other stuff, like maybe, weave?  I'm working on sample #4 for AGY: LandH with #5 waiting in the wings to be dressed on the AVL.

Now, however, my shoulder needs a rest from all that hand waving so I think I'm going to try to weave a bit.  More hand waving, but in a slightly different configuration, so hopefully it will be fine.


Peg Cherre said...

YIKES!!! Your schedule is too overwhelming for me.

charlotte said...

That sounds very busy, hope you get well soon! With tight deadlines, I often feel the panic creeping up, but most often I manage in time. I've had to resort to send overnight express Parcels sometimes though, and that's terribly expensive.