Saturday, March 23, 2013


When I bought these yarns my initial impulse had been to mix them up thoroughly.  When they arrived (always a challenge ordering yarns from sample cards) I felt that the colour values were too disparate and it would just look like a jumble.  So instead, I'm going to make four end stripes in this sequence (probably).

The plan is for cloth for summer tops for myself.  The pieces will be cut on the bias, which should look more 'interesting' than having the cloth simply have the stripes go up and down (and might even be a tad more flattering for this well rounded body - she says, wistfully).

I have a closet full of handwoven clothing, none of which currently fits me.  I am also getting tired of just wearing t-shirts, especially when I'm teaching.  It seems inappropriate that a weaver doesn't have any hand woven clothing to wear!  It will mean brushing up my sewing skills but since I have other things that need doing - like a new apron for the AVL - it seems like a good idea to drag the sewing machine out and do it all at the same time.

With being away for a month then having my back seize up on me, I really feel as though I've 'lost' a lot of time already this year.  When I book events, generally 6 months to a year (or more) in advance, it all looks very do-able.  But then the days slide by and next thing I know I'm bumping up against critical deadlines.  I start to panic and generally need a good pity party until I remember that, oh yes, these things are all things that I have chosen to do.  They are self-inflicted.  Or self-imposed.  Whatever.  I've done this to myself and if I'm not happy about it, I really need to look at my own self.

Which then reminds me that I enjoy this.  I really do.  I just need to stop wasting so much time on Face Book, etc.  :-/

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Sandra Rude said...

Oohh! Nice range of colors! Sewing skills are like riding a bicycle - just start, and it'll all come back to you.

Laura Fry said...

One thing I am going to have to do is re-thread my serger with something other than natural! ;)