Monday, June 9, 2014


Sometimes Life Happens and Things Change.  Or Need to be Changed.

With my back taking so long to settle down I have had to radically change my expectations.  Normally I would count my productivity in how many yards I weave in a day.  Right now I have to count how many inches.  Because 120" sounds so much better than 3.5 yards.

Or in how many units I get done rather than how many warps.

Before my back went wonky, I could easily weave off an entire 11 meter long (15 mat) warp in a day.  But I'm finding weaving on the Leclerc a lot more problematical than weaving on the AVL.  It's the step on the brake release, bend sideways, crank the warp forward, really crank on to reset the tension that is being the most bothersome.

So I am trying to listen to my massage therapist and chiropractor and not sit for 'too long', walk lots, and carefully monitor what my back is telling me.  And count progress in inches rather than yards because it's all progress, right?


maggie said...

Hi Laura. my back is the reason i've disconnected the brake handle on the glimakra. it forces me to get my butt off the bench every 4-5 inches. i need to get up and release the warp from the back of the loom. the bending and twisting sideways nearly crippled me for life. the interruption is a real bother but better than the pain.

Laura Fry said...

Sorry to hear you are having back problems. :( Nell Znamerowski once told me that 'all weavers have bad backs'. :-/ Occupational hazard?