Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wear and Tear

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I wear these bicycle gloves while weaving with the fly shuttle.  The reason I started was that a while back I went to the gym to get fit and wound up pinching a nerve in my neck which caused my hands to go numb.  Weaving was agony.  At the time I was primarily only weaving on the AVL with the fly shuttle so I started looking for things that would help.  In the end we did a few different things, but one of them was buying impact gloves.  They are made for people using impact tools like jack hammers.

Unfortunately they were extremely expensive and were sold individually so when my hands recovered, rather than invest in new impact gloves I started buying bicycle gloves with lots of padding in the palms.

I don't use them when I'm hand throwing the shuttle as they kind of interfere with my ability to catch and throw the shuttle but find that they do seem to help my neck/hands when using the fly shuttle.

Lest anyone think weaving is a romantical, sedate, non-stress activity, the wear and tear on these gloves should give an indication of what forces the body needs to tolerate.

The gloves are pretty much worn out so I will have to hie myself to the bike shop and see if I can find another pair.

Weaving is filled with repetitive motions.  Bodies can wear out, just like gloves.  Being aware of when to take breaks to allow muscles to recover becomes more and more important the older I get...


MegWeaves said...

Yes, do, so you can continue to weave for years to come.

Sandra Rude said...