Tuesday, June 3, 2014


First four 'spa' towels ready to be shipped - love the way individual threads magically turn into whole cloth after wet finishing.

Progress has been much slower than I would like due to a couple of things - my back is still giving me fits so I have to pace myself more slowly, then the loom started giving me fits - the treadle switch starts sticking after I weave for about 40  minutes.

However any forward momentum has to count as progress, right?

Read an interesting article this morning on Facebook about how human beings perceive the passage of time.  Coming from a North American background, heavily grounded in European heritage, I am very much a linear in terms of how I perceive time.  However, I also have a good appreciation of the cyclic nature of time, as well.

You can't ignore the various cycles of life, especially as a self-employed crafts person.  As such it is a constant round of shows and preparation for them.  So while I think in a linear fashion and count time as precious, I am aware of how the seasons change, the show schedule works, how the year passes from one deadline to the next.  I suppose in some ways I see time as a year long spiral - sort of like a slinky - where I steadily and purposefully work my way around the coils of the year.

I also put a much greater value on relationships than I do on material goods.

But time, after all, is a human construct.  Is it any surprise that different cultures perceive it in different ways?


Sandra Rude said...

That spa towel warp makes shapes very similar to the runners I've been weaving! We must be on the same wavelength, designwise. And my back's been complaining a lot lately, too. Remember to take good care of yourself.

the Mighty M said...

Those towels are gorgeous. Amazing weaving pattern.

Martha said...

Beautiful towels! And I agree with thinking in a linear way about time - going from one thing to check off (finished!) to the next. As Sandra said, take good care of yourself!