Sunday, June 22, 2014

Olds Fibre Week

We took it easy getting here, leaving Friday, stopping over at Hinton, AB, then continuing the rest of the way to Olds on Saturday.  We arrived early enough that we were able to erect the booth structure and begin setting out yarn before the hall closed just after 6 pm.   This morning we were back by 9 am or so to finish setting up.  Doug has some tweaking to do with the wooden things from Don George but basically everything is under control.

It has been a struggle to dial back my participation and bear in mind that slow and steady is the approach for this week.  

I tell people I am healthy, but I'm not, really.  I have several chronic health issues and one of them seems to have exploded to the point of requiring immediate treatment.  I'm hoping the least invasive will be all that is required but until they do the test, I won't know for sure.  Yes, it could be serious but I'm under care and I just have to get through this week.

So, although I'm not what you might call healthy, I am quite physically fit, more so than many people my age (and less than others - I'm not trying to claim more than I am).   Bottom line is, though, that because I have a reasonable level of fitness I am confident that if the more invasive procedure is required, that I will come through just fine.  

Cancelling my involvement in Complex Weavers is a disappointment, but there will always be another conference.  


the Mighty M said...

Take care of yourself Laura. Traveling is hard when you are away from your nest. Thinking of you and sending the good vibe.

Sandra Rude said...

Taking care of your heart and arteries is way more important than a mere conference. As you say, there are always more conferences; only one Laura!

blopeep said...

Laura - I so enjoy reading your blog and the no-nonsense, pragmatic way you approach weaving. Following along has given me numerous small lessons and for that I am grateful. I hope your health issues are resolved as quickly and easily as possible as I further hope to be reading your blog and enjoying your exploits for years to come.

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Holding you up to the Universal Healing Power and hoping all is well. Take care of you, there's only one Weaving Laura.

Peg Cherre said...

So sorry to hear about your health flaring up again. Sending you all good thoughts.