Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spinning Plates

For whatever reason, today I feel like I'm running from stick to stick, trying to keep spinning plates from wobbling and falling to the floor with a crash.

I can't seem to settle to anything - perhaps it is the unsettled weather we are having - sun one moment, blustery wind, pelting rain, lashes of hail.  Repeat.

There is, as well, the issue of a few critical deadlines approaching, rather more rapidly than I feel capable of managing.

Feeling overwhelmed with it all, I went to knitting drop-in and enjoyed an hour or so of listening to the chit chat, inserting a comment here and there and working the needles.  Since getting home, though, I have flitted from here to there to back again, thoughts like fireflies, never alighting anywhere for long enough to be considered truly productive.

Just to add to the confusion, I've just emailed the Handwoven editor inquiring about the specific deadline for an upcoming issue (can't seem to shut the creative juices off!) and which will, no doubt, fall smack in the middle of the rest of the deadline crop I am already ignoring.

However, I have managed to work on a few things - green mat warp cut and serged, and the next mat warp ready to be beamed.  After taking stock of the 50 yard warp, now about half woven, the pending t-storm, the stack of paperwork that needs doing - I decided to wimp out and not fire up the AVL in case of a power outage and work on other stuff.  I can go back to the AVL tomorrow, hopefully feeling refreshed for having taken a break from that warp.

Today is Wednesday.  At some point in the next few days I have to go to the guild room and re-arrange it for the sale/demo event on Saturday, pack up and deliver to the room yarns I have for sale, bring my ledger up to date and balance my cheque book (both of them, business and personal, both woefully late), pull the books/reference material for Olds, start packing for Olds and Complex Weavers Seminars.

I am awaiting replies to a couple of emails regarding potential work for the future (i.e. after CW Seminars) - because you know, I didn't have enough deadlines in July and August.

We leave for Olds in two and a half weeks and in between I have maintenance appointments, blog posts to write, studio deadlines and Life Happenings.

Status quo, then.  Spin, plates.  Spin!

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Peg Cherre said...

Gee, Laura. It might be time to slow down a bit. Relax with the family. Smell the roses - while they're actually in bloom. Too much stress is not conducive to good health, you know.