Saturday, June 28, 2014

Olds Fibre Week

Here we all are at the end of the week.  Tired, yes.  Happy?  Hope so.  I know I am.

We covered three main weave structures in Level 2 - Twills, Overshot and Double Weave/Wide.  In addition to this we looked at cotton fibre characteristics, touched on Profile Drafting (as one way to explain the similarity or connectedness of twill and overshot), some wet finishing (because, you know, I'm me) and the class did their Oral Presentations on Friday morning.  There were a few other things in the booklet as well.

We also talked a bit about ergonomics and efficiency (again because I'm me and I do have these soapboxes).

The Olds program is geared towards helping people understand the basic principles of weaving.  It doesn't just cover the weave structures but tries to bring all those other things that go into making good cloth as well.  It is an approach that resonates with me at a deep personal level - it is essentially my own approach to the creation of cloth.

The certificate requires the student to attend 4 levels with a final Independent Study.  A student could complete it in 5 years or they can repeat years.  Sometimes Life Happens (ask me how I know) and a student can't get to all of the homework.  And it is a significant amount of homework - I think someone estimated about 100 hours.

The students attend the class in person for instruction and feedback during Fibre Week and then go home with the course booklet outlining the homework required.  Homework needs to be submitted in time for marking before registration opens for the following year, so about 9 months in which to do the 100 hours.

It was very heartwarming this year to see the growth of students in the Beginning Weaving class, and the good number of students doing Level 1.  I'm hoping that they all pass and move on to Level 2.  It looks good that Level 3 will proceed next year - 6 students in my class, plus there are several people who took Level 2 last year.

There is a group on Ravelry for Olds Fibre Week and the Fibre Week website is here

And I hate photos of myself because they always remind me how much I need to lose some weight.  Maybe once next week is over I can get serious about tackling that...

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Boomer Knows said...

weight, whatever Laura! You are a person of substance & value, weight is mostly irrelevant at this point. You are so very talented and knowledgeable, don't sweat the small stuff! hugs!

judy said...

HI Laura,
Looks like a great workshop. Do you have any info you share on profile drafting? I am trying to do this and need all the help I can get.

Louisa said...

After a Certain Age, women either become bony or fluffy. Mostly fluffy. :) It's very hard to do much about it without a ridiculous amount of work. That's why most of us remain fluffy! Healthy is a completely different and much more important issue, doncha think?

Looks like you all had big fun at Olds!