Sunday, June 15, 2014

Neverending Clutter

Mending station.  Hemming station.  Knitting.  Etc.

My house will never win the Good Housekeeping Award at the best of times, but right now it's entering into a not-great zone.

Doug is tearing the carport down and today the beam that anchored the structure to the house is coming down so all the pictures had to come off the wall.  They are stacked here and there against different walls.  And the step stool to take them all down is still out in order to put them all back up again when deconstruction ends.  When we'll find a contractor to deal with the house 'repairs' and reconstruction, is anyone's guess.  Please send good contractor vibes...

In the meantime while he's busy with that, I've been working on the 50 yard warp (nearing completion in spite of loom/computer woes) and last night I cut off the towels for the order and started burling and mending.  I managed 2.5 towels before I gave up last night.  It's tedious work (i.e. I'm not finding it much fun, but it's necessary) and with 2/16 cotton warp and weft, not easy to see.

Under the bin of towels, there is a bin of place mats wanting hemming as well.

To the left I'm starting to build the stuff needed for the trip to Olds and Tacoma.  In other words, things are going to get a whole bunch worse before they get better.

Add to that my back continues to ache and pinch and I'm not sure why it's not settling down given the number of appointments with the chiropractor I've had.  Next week I've got medical appointments (back and tests to see if we can figure out what's happening with this body - other than getting old and decrepit) and then on Saturday I leave for two weeks.

Please send good vibes for excellent driving weather.  It's going to be a very long trip.


Sandra Rude said...

All best wishes for a safe, easy trip. The older we get, the more difficult those long road trips are.

Anonymous said...

The weather should clear by next week and you should have sunshine to welcome you to the Pacific Northwest! Drive safely. Thanks for letting me know I am not the only member of the Poor Housekeeping Club.