Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mad Scramble

Life keeps tossing small grenades at us.  Nothing critical, at least not yet, and I'm keeping positive thoughts that they will have been more flash than bang.

But of course I have also been up to my old tricks trying to squeeze one more thing into my schedule here, one more there, generally at the cost of stuff that needs to be done before I leave Saturday in the early morning.  Or at least as early as I can pry myself out of bed.

Saturday will be the summer solstice, therefore the longest day.  The good news is that there won't be any driving in the dark, either to Alberta, or hopefully, to Tacoma the following weekend.  Now if the weather co-operates and stays dry I will be a happy camper.

Since I've never taught at Olds before I have no idea what they have for equipment so today I have been adding yet more stuff to the pile.  Doug has already filled the passenger footwell and seat of the van and since I will be driving the truck, will have stuff crammed into every nook and cranny of the rather small Ford Ranger - my chariot for the trip.  Yes we are taking both vehicles because Doug will come home while I carry on south.

Yesterday the shop that I've been working with for quite a long time trying to find a product they like and think they can sell posted photos to Facebook of their new deck chair and wala - one of my towels was in the basket beside the chair.  The designer will send me a glamour shot of the towel soon so I can share.  This product has been a long time in the making and I'm very happy she is happy.

Today I threaded the tea towel warp on the AVL, finished the teal mats, beamed and threaded beige mats on the Leclerc.  I was hoping to test drive the warp on the AVL because the plan is to use up some of Lynn's linen as weft but I think I've run out of time.  Tomorrow morning will be taken up completely with personal stuff and I still have to finish packing my clothing and other miscellaneous stuff that I need for both destinations.

If I get anything in the studio done at all it will be a bonus.  There is still the beige mat to sley and tie up, the teal mats to cut and serge, never mind any weaving.

But at the end of this trip I will visit with a couple of friends for a while so I'm looking forward to that, being able to kick back and enjoy them in person instead of at a distance.  When I come home it will nearly be time for the Big Reveal on the Big Project from May.  Plus I will have to hit the looms hard in order to continue building up inventory for the coming fall sales.

I am hoping that the mad scramble will be over for a while, though.

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