Sunday, June 1, 2014


There is perhaps 35 yards left on the 50 yard warp I've been working on.  I'm at the pure 'slog' stage, now.

There is a poster on Facebook that begins something to the effect that creative people are easily bored.

I don't think so.  I don't think creative people bother to invite boredom into their lives.  I know I don't.  There are always so many things that either need doing, or that I want to do, that boredom just doesn't feature in my life at all.  I can't afford to be bored.

So how do I get through a 50 yard warp?  A few stats to put this in perspective:

2/16 cotton warp, 32 epi, 44" in the reed.  About 1400 ends (The warp isn't quite 44" - I've dropped a few threads off the back of the loom.)

50 yards = 1800" @ 32 ppi = 57,600 picks.  Give or take.

Daunting?  Perhaps.  But that is what I needed to fill the order and rather than dress the loom twice with a 25 yard warp, I did the 50 yards.  That way I only had to thread it once.  And I only had loom waste once.

Do I get bored weaving this?  No.  I listen to my music, get into my 'zone' and just get 'er done.  The only way to do that is to show up and do it.  Don't moan about it.  Don't dread it.  Don't regret putting it on.  Stay in the moment.  Know that this, too, will end.  But only if I show up and do the work.

Every.  Single. Day.

Currently reading The Last Breath by Denise Mina.  Well, I haven't started yet, but it's next in the queue.  Just finished In The Woods by Tana French

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