Saturday, January 31, 2009

Duck to Water?

Anna Marie sent this photo of what Christa Mae has been working on since the Bobbin Lace Show and Share last Sunday. :D

The bracelet at the top was made at the SnS. She then went on to make 3 more, then found this website: and is proceeding to learn new stitches and make some bookmarks.

Way to go Christa Mae! :D

The bobbins have been made from spindles they found at a local hardware store. We hope to see more of Sue, Anna Marie and Christa Mae.


Guzzisue said...

do these start with a loop so you can fasten them by tying them? I've not seen the pattern before.

Laura Fry said...

Yes, the top is a loop. I'm an extremely novice beginning lace designer and after making the bracelet a few times realized that there are some areas that need to be tweaked in order to make it a better pattern.

OTOH, it works, although not as elegantly as an experienced lace designer would have done. :D But there are no copyright issues because I came up with it myself.

This was important as I've submitted an article on bobbin lace to WeaveZine. If Syne likes it, it may appear sometime in the spring.

Stay tuned at