Monday, January 19, 2009


I hesitate to admit that the following photos, which show primarily one wall of my storage area are the after shots!

The first photo is looking from north to south.....

...then looking from south to north.

In this photo, you can also see on the right a shelving unit that sticks out east to west from the east wall.
The first photo is one of the sections Karena worked on when she came this morning. It's primarily my cotton inventory. She was very impressed at how much I'd used up and how much room was emptied so that she could move other things onto the shelves and off the floor.
The second photo is the wool section, which we haven't touched yet. Behind the metal rack to the right hand side is the bamboo and Tencel and other odd things like linen and novelties. The back wall, which you can't see very much of holds mostly the woven textiles.
The boxes on the floor contain a variety of things - painted warps, surplus loom parts (mechanical dobby bits and pieces), booth curtaining and draping, display props. All the detritus needed for the various facets of my micro-business of producing and selling textiles.
What you don't see here is the whole other off site storage unit I have for the steam press and the overstock yarn, the rest of the copies of Magic, Weave a V, CDWeaver samples, etc., etc., etc.
What people don't realize right away about being organized is that you have to have sufficient room for your stuff. If your stuff over runs your space, being organized becomes a constant dance to juggle boxes and bags of your stuff so you can get at what you need, when you need it.
Which is one reason why I am on a mission to reduce my stash. I can't get rid of the loom parts, booth props and display stuff, but I can use up some of my yarn!
Besides, if I can use up enough of the old stuff, I can justify buying some new stuff! :^)

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