Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The Intentional Weaver


This morning I received an email from Archives and Library Canada requesting that I provide them with two copies of The Intentional Weaver.  Both formats.

Thing is, I no longer have hard copies of the book, they are all sold.  So I have two options.  I order two copies and send them to the Archive, or...I place a small order and try to sell a few hard copies myself.  Signed, obviously, because I can.

The problem is, postage rates have gone up.  Padded envelopes have gone up.  Just...everything...has increased in price.  So, if I were to sell copies myself, I would have to charge more.

Before I place an order I would therefore ask if anyone is interested in a signed copy from me, please email me and let me know.  This would not be an order, just an indication of interest.

The selling price would be $90, including shipping in North America.

I hesitate to buy in multiple copies of what is a fairly expensive book (even though trade hardbacks are routinely selling for $30 and up, technical books for $120) partly because I won't spend that money if I can't sell them and I can't afford to give them away.  Seeing as how I'm 'retired' and don't do shows anymore (even once covid is over).  My income is limited and greatly reduced seeing as how I'm pretty much living on state pensions.

If you email me, I would then have your email to contact you when the books arrive (IF I buy a bunch) and you would have right of first refusal.  

Or you can just go to blurb. ca (in Canada) or (if outside Canada) and buy it for the listed price there which is $68 plus whatever they charge for shipping.

Anyway, let me know.  I have to decide by the end of the week...

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lyna said...

I'm interested. It may become part of our guild library, eventually