Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Two Faces


It might be a little hard to tell in this photo, but the current scarf is showing off the distinct differences in the faces of the cloth.

There are fewer shafts being raised than left down for each pick, which means there is more warp showing on the underside and more weft on the top.  When you combine that with high contrast between the warp and weft, with a smooth yarn, the weave structure shows up a lot more.

I hesitated a bit before trying this colour, but in the end I'm pleased with it.  There is some purpleish yarn in the warp about the same shade and wasn't sure how that would look.  Sometimes you just have to weave it.

This is scarf number four of this warp.  I'm using a smooth 2/8 Tencel in this shade, then an egg plant purple, and then a dark green which is also in the warp.  The effect will be more subtle for both of those since the hues and value of the next two wefts is more in line with the warp.  The pinkish/purple stripes in the warp will likely show up more.

The last three scarves will be done in a finer slightly slubby rayon.  I haven't checked the bin yet, but pretty sure I have three candidates that will work as weft.

And I've decided on the next warp in this series - 1/3 green, 2/3 black.  Because I have that and plenty of it.  The choices are getting a little harder as my options reduce, both in candidates for warp, and for weft.

Today we have had some 'weather' and I have been happy to stay home.  Tomorrow isn't going to be much better so the plan is a repeat of today - weave two sessions, potter around the house.  Plus a 'new' library book just came home from the library.  It might be a good idea to sit and have a pot of tea and a long read.  

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