Monday, November 13, 2023

First Snow


It is Nov. 13, 2023 and we finally have our first snow of the season.

I like living in a part of the world with distinct seasons.  I just don't like some of them.

Like spring break up.  That indeterminant transition between winter and spring, when the snow is gone, but the vegetation hasn't managed to gain a toehold on the world.  Our 'new' wildfire season is pretty awful, too, so I'm not a fan of that one, either.

This year particularly, which has been far so many ways, the passing of autumn into winter has been welcome, largely for the relief from the wildfires.  At one point we were over 400 active wildfires, now reduced to under half that.  Which is probably the longest wildfire 'season' on record.

We watch a lot of documentaries.  We are well aware of climate change, have been watching it happening for decades.  It was no 'news' to us that things were going very badly wrong way back in the 1990s.  Or 'last century', as was.  As one person in this world of something like 7 billion, I feel powerless - in many ways - to effect change.

So I do what I can.  Which feels like futility most days.  But less pollution is better than more, so I grit my teeth, purchase natural fibre clothing when and where I can (what the hell is it with 5% lycra in every damned thing, anyway?), buy in bulk to reduce the volume of packaging, recycle what we can, even though we know a bunch of it simply gets taken to the landfill, and compost everything that will degrade.

We set out a garbage bin every two weeks, and rarely is it 'full'.  Recycle goes out once a month and even though we no longer take a daily newspaper, it seems there are still plenty of ways to fill up the paper recycling bin.  Every couple of months Doug will drop off other recycling to the appropriate depot.  We wear our clothing until it is threadbare - literally in most cases - Doug repairs his jeans and I sew on any buttons that come off.  A missing button is not an excuse to toss a shirt in this household.

In this world with excess production of textiles, I frequently ask myself why I continue to make more?

Part of me wonders if I want to keep this craft alive so that when the wheels fall off the current 'civilization' some of us will still know how to make cloth for clothing.  Part of me does it because knowing is better than not knowing.  Most of me is just curious - what happens when I change this thing?  Then that?

Weaving keeps me humble.  Because I do still make 'mistakes'.  Yesterday I broke three warp ends, in part because I came to the loom distracted (with everything going on in the world, I'm having a hard time leaving it at the door) and fumbled the shuttle several times.  Purely operator error.

Weaving keeps me thinking.  If I do this, will that happen?  Or no?

Weaving provides intellectual stimulation, and physical activity.

Weaving keeps me engaged with the larger community via the 'net.  Because I am still largely isolating due to covid and all the other virii that keep floating around and I have zero intention of getting sick from any of them, anymore.  At least most people in this town don't give me grief when I show up, the only masked person in the store.

As winter arrives, it is a time for reflection on my part.  What will I do with the rest of my life?  What decisions will I make?  But mostly, who can I help?

This morning Brassard let me know they had my yarn order, so I now have enough warp yarn to get me through the winter so that I can use up more of my current yarn stash.  I think once I'm done with the current colour and the one that will be arriving in a couple of weeks, I will change from weaving tea towels and maybe do some shawls.  I still have a lifetime supply of rayon.  That, I will not be replacing.  But I have way too much to toss, so I might as well weave it up.  While I won't buy more, it is a fibre that will deteriorate back into the earth, so I don't feel too guilty weaving with it.

While my physical health seems to be finally stabilizing, there is no guarantee I will return to where I was two+ years ago.  So the goal now is to hold on to this, and see how much I can improve.

So, when I woke up to snow this morning, it was welcome, in spite of all that winter means - the heavy jackets, boots, scarves, mitts, the cold, digging out from accumulated snow (that blue stick on the fire hydrant allows fire fighters to locate hydrants once the snowbanks start piling up - yes we have been known to have snowbanks piled 8 feet high), and the cold.  At least wearing a mask keeps my face warm!

I have errands to run today, so it will be interesting to see how many drivers make accommodations for the slippery streets, drive slowly, brake gently, stop when the light is yellow, not power through.  IOW, accept the fact that winter driving is now needed.

Today I intend to hit the 2/3 mark on the current warp, maybe start the next 1/3.  Because I have more yarn on the way, and I'm looking forward to some brighter colours to see me through the dark of winter.

New towels posted to ko-fi...order now and they should be to you in time for the holidays...

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I'm thankful for stumbling upon your post; it was a great read!