Monday, November 20, 2023



Seems I have joined the company of people who have 'offended' Facebook AI bots. 

Do you see anything in that notification of what I posted that was misleading?  Me, neither.

I'm not against 'moderation' of large groups.  Wish they would do more of it, frankly.  OTOH, I have carefully 'curated' my FB feed so that I don't see the 'worst' of humanity - mostly.

But FB is using AI to 'monitor' feeds, so essentially I've got a petulant 3 year old (language level) bot telling me I've tried to attract 'likes' by posting something misleading...without telling me which of my posts is at fault.  I mean, it could have been a moment of sarcasm that has gotten me into trouble, I don't know.

I scrolled through my FB posts and can't see anything missing, so again - I have zero idea which of my posts caused the wrist slap.

And how, exactly, am I supposed to learn from this chastisement?  If I keep repeating this 'bad' behaviour (my second warning) they can do what - cancel me?  OK.  You know, maybe that wouldn't be so bad?

Except that I have a lot of people on FB that I enjoy interacting with, sometimes only superficially, but it's a way to stay in touch with people at a distance.

Since I don't ever want to mislead anyone, I'm left in a dilemma - continue as before, or start to self-censor.  Which means that I start to question everything I post (or re-post - because it could have been something someone else posted and I just shared it?)  And again, that's not a bad thing - no one should simply post something because of confirmation bias.  

OTOH, since I have zero idea what they are objecting to, I guess I continue as before.  

But here's the thing - if I suddenly disappear from FB - it will most likely be that petulant bot.  What they cannot do, is shut down this blog.

If you like what I say, how I say it, feel free to subscribe to this blog.  Seems I still have a lot more to say and generally will say it here.  At least until Google starts to censor blogs...


Jane Eisenstein said...

It sounds like FB removed one of your posts. In my experience, you rarely post to FB. Did any of your recent posts go missing? Do you have your account locked down so other people cannot post on your timeline? Just some stray thoughts.

Perhaps FB had a brain fart and it was must a mistake.

Wishing you well on FB and Off,

Laura Fry said...

Nothing seems to be missing, so who knows...

Leigh said...

I don't do facebook, but I've found blogger's AI moderation not very good. It went through thousands of comments on my homestead blog and removed everything with only one or two words as spam. So, if someone complimented me on a project and I replied "thank you," even my own comment on my own blog was flagged and removed as spam. I had to go through go through my spam folder and approve them all.

Amazon's AI editor has been a bit of a bother too. I kept getting notifications that I needed to change the wording in an ebook I published years ago, yet to change the wording the way it wanted, changed the meaning in a way that made the information incorrect for human use. I finally had to go back and rewrite the entire paragraph to convey my meaning without being nagged by a bot!