Sunday, November 12, 2023

More Inventory


shades of blue/grey with accents of pink/purple

shades of beige including peach

Just uploaded three more towels to my ko-fi shop.

One of them is a towel I had listed previously, but still have some left - the cotton/hemp weft towels.  The other two have never been listed in my shop before.

I am asking for less that what they are worth, simply because I am trying to move some inventory, and I figure people are wanting 'good buys' right now, given the rate of inflation.  Remember that my ko-fi shop prices include shipping, which is now running about $20 per small packet - up from last year's price of $10.  

If I were still in business, thinking of making more of these towels, I would be paying a whole lot more to replace the linen, and I'm not even sure I *could* replace the cotton/hemp.

But my goal right now is to reduce my stash - and that means finished inventory as well as yarn.

None of these towels has a 'soft' handle.  The linen is stiff and those two towels would make great sauna/spa rubdown towels.  The cotton/hemp towel is thinner and more supple, probably more gentle on the skin, but should still give a decent rubdown.

I had my first 'real' sauna in Finland in 1977.  We had the whole experience - including the birch branches to gently 'flog' our backs, which turned out to be surprisingly soothing after hours of weaving.  But the piece de resistance was the run out of the sauna, across the 'lawn', down the pier and the jump into the glacial (feeling) lake.  Yes, naked.  When in Rome, and all...

It was...bracing.  I did the plunge a second time, just to make sure the water really was as icy cold as it felt the first time, and after I confirmed it was, indeed, frigid, I concluded that I really didn't need to do it a third time.  So I went back into the sauna to warm up again, then showered, towelled off - with a towel similar to these, and decided I had reached peak Finnish experience.

The local guild is having an in-room guild sale the first two weekends of December.  I may pull all of the BOGO and the bargain priced towels to put into that sale, so if you are interested, buy now.  First come, first served.

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