Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Sunny Day


Ah, spring!

After a winter with too warm temps and grey dreary days, we have entered spring.  The days are warming, spouts are beginning to appear, and the sun is warming up the earth - and us.

With climate change becoming undeniable, (although not to some, no of course not to some) I look towards the summer with some trepidation.

The heat pump still needs to be set up for the a/c, and it worked pretty well over the winter, even when it hit temps below -25 C.  At that point the natural gas kicked in.  I ran space heaters in the studio at times because the basement is always cooler than the upstairs.  

I have a major project for the local guild to complete - trying to sell some of the books we received from a former guild member who died a few years ago.  Their family delivered about 8 more boxes of books, some of which the guild already owned, some of which are not really appropriate for our guild members.  Some are historical or very specific specialties, and we decided the guild needed the income to help pay the rent on the guild room rather than obscure titles that may never get looked at.

I am almost halfway through inventorying the ones we will attempt to sell and I hope to begin an eBay auction before the end of April.  There are some 'rare' books and some 'classics', yes, including a copy of Magic in the Water with the actual fabric samples.  I signed and numbered the pre-orders and this copy is #120.  There are also signed books from Allen Fannin, Peter Collingwood and Jack Lenor Larsen.

But an eBay auction takes time to set up, take photos of the books, make the listings.  I have decided to list 10 titles per day so that the task does not become overwhelming.  I have not counted how many books we received, but about 8 banker boxes, full to the brim.  We will keep some for the guild library, some monographs will be offered to guild members for a donation, but that still leaves nearly 100 books to sell on.

Once I'm done the guild auction, I will list the lace books I want to sell.  These are mine, and who knows, I may finally let go of some of my own library?  (Or not.  Really hard to let some of those books, collected over nearly 50 years, go.)

OTOH, do I really want to leave them for someone else to have to sell?  This getting old(er) and needing to think about letting stuff go is, well, hard, at times.

I also have a phone appointment with the pain doctor today.  There is *some* 'good' news to report - the new therapy has actually improved one part of the pain equation, but not the other.  Not sure what he will suggest.  

Mostly, I look around my studio and take note of All The Things.  But I also note the 'holes' I have carved out of my yarn stash.  

So many 'dreams'.  So many 'plans'.  So little energy, right now.  Maybe with the coming spring and lessening pain levels, I will discover I have more energy.

Anyway, I'll announce here when the eBay auction begins.  I *may* post the entire list here so that if someone wants several books I can start a 'hold' pile for them and mail everything at once rather than multiple envelopes.  (Thinking about trying to reduce my carbon footprint by sending one box rather than several envelopes...)

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