Monday, March 25, 2024

Tech Fail


I suppose I should have realized that when I set up the ko-fi discount it was 'too easy'.  I mean, when is computer stuff ever 'easy'?

Such was the case over the weekend when I tried to set up a discount 'coupon' for my ko-fi shop.  And then could not test the link because when I tried to check out the shopping cart Paypal would not accept it because it would not let me pay to buy my own products.

Instead I noted the message that the discount had been applied and hoped it was all going to be as simple as it looked.

Seemed I was wrong.

So, tech fail and embarrassment on my part.  

As soon as I realized what had happened, I refunded the 20% discount to the people who bought because they assumed they would be getting a discount, and have shelved the idea of being able to easily run 'sales' that way.

This was all a 'test' to see if I could run my 'usual' birthday bash sale the first days in July.  Historically I have lumped Canada Day, US July 4 and my birthday into one big 'sale' and I thought this would make my life easier.  

Anyhoo - if you want to purchase something and the coupon doesn't get applied, I *will* return the 20% discount to you from now until April 1 as advertised.

Doug has just left to pick up his new eyeglasses, and I have an appointment for May 9 (our wedding anniversary - new glasses for the two of us this year, I guess).  One thing no one seems to mention about getting older - how much the maintenance costs...

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