Friday, May 3, 2024

All Over But the Shouting


There is one more book to be shipped as soon as the bidder pays, and then the wait to see if all the parcels make it to the correct address in good order.  eBay withholds payment until the transaction is complete and the bidder satisfied.  They encourage the person selling to guarantee returns, so I have to wait and see what happens now.  So the auction is over, but it isn't.

Schrödingers auction...

That means I have to be patient (not my strong suit) and wait until the end of this month to see what happens.

It also means I still have a bunch of books that need new homes.  I will wait until next week to make a decision because I am, quite frankly, 'done' with trying to sell them and I need time to recover some energy and enthusiasm.

Yesterday I cut the last warp off the loom and this morning I puttered getting the next warp ready to be beamed.  But I also have 19 towels to be inspected and repaired and I'm thinking I'm going to do those first so that I can be running them through the washer/dryer while I'm beaming.

Tentatively, this is the draft I will be using on the beige warp with linen weft.  It will be subtle and I'm not sure I've got the 'balance' correct for the very fine singles linen for weft, so I may need to tweak the tie up some more.

The draft was inspired by a draft in Ars Textrina, but tweaked to give me the roses/stars in a counterchange format.  The tie up is based on twills with plain weave so that there are more interlacements than a straight twill.  I'll 'test' the weave before I start the towels and see how it looks.

There is more than a little hubris going on, which I may come to regret given the singles linen is a new-to-me yarn and it is finer than I expected.  OTOH, it *is* linen so stiffer than cotton, and I'm hoping the plain weave included will be sufficient to stabilize the cloth.

The header should let me know.

Doug has been working on getting the donated 'loom' assembled but it is missing crucial parts.  OTOH, it *is* a Leclerc, so hopefully the missing parts can be purchased and they will fit.  That's part of the problem with donated stuff - frequently it comes into the guild room in bits and pieces and it isn't until you go to put it together you discover it's...incomplete.  :(  

There is a reason looms are expensive - generally they are made from hardwood and that's pricy - always has been.  And they need to be built to exacting standards.  It's comforting to know that there is a real possibility that we can get at least one of the looms in working order.  

A grateful thanks to those people who bought some of Allison's books.  I really need to think hard about my library.  :(

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