Monday, May 6, 2024

The Little Things


I couldn't sleep and got up at 'way too early' o'clock and put the coffee on.  As I poured my first cup (of two) I glanced out the window at the back of the house and saw that the sun had found a wee break in the clouds and a shaft of light had spot lit the plum tree.

Yesterday the blossoms were beginning to open, but the rain overnight seems to have brought out all the rest and the tree was covered in a crown of white.

I put the coffee cup down and grabbed my ipad to take a quick 'snap'.

It isn't in focus, but almost as soon as the sun had been noted, the clouds moved in again and the tree no longer glowed.

And that's the thing, isn't it?

Sometimes you get so overwhelmed with Life and All and forget that as awful as things are (because of human beings, mostly), Mother Nature still visits and shows us how glorious it can be here, on this planet.

Spring is well and truly on its way as the trees in the background begin to leaf out.  The tree directly behind us is covered with catkins and will soon have a full crown of green.  

And last night we had a good steady rain, which isn't nearly enough, but will at least help.

Yesterday was a busy day (for me, in this time line that I am experiencing).  Today my goal is to sley the next warp, finish pressing the rest of the towels that went through the washer/dryer on Saturday, and who knows, maybe even begin weaving.  I need to test the new linen yarn and see if I've come close to anticipating how it will weave up.

I'm already starting to think about the next warp.  It's tempting to go with the tried and true, but who knows, I may explore something different and see what happens when I try.

But mostly, I need to remember to look up and out from time to time.  Or I might miss a precious moment.

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