Tuesday, May 21, 2024



trellis hem by Sheila Carey

Yesterday I (more or less) 'finished' writing the 2nd article for School of Sweet Georgia.

This photo isn't mine, but a friend offered her variation on a 'trellis hem' to show a variation from the more straight forward way I usually do it.

Nothing like having supportive friends!

There are so many ways to do things in weaving (in life tbh) and I have not done them 'all' so it's nice when friends who have explored variations share what they do.

I'm just over a week away from my next sciatic injections.  And I gotta tell ya, things ain't great in my world right now.  To be fair, it's not as bad as it has been in the past, but...it ain't great, either.  I have a feeling the coming week is going to drag something terrible.

OTOH, the white linen from Lithuania arrives this week, I have a shawl warp designed (see yesterday's post for the draft), and 2 of the 3 articles for SOS written.  I have also worked on the article for the other publication.  In part because it dawned on me that the deadline is rearing its head and I promised I would do it to her deadline.  I just didn't count on feeling crappy for the past two weeks and not getting my shit together.

Given my dwindling reserves of oomph, I've been thinking long and hard about how much time I spend on the 'net.  And seeing other people I know quietly slip off of sites like Facebook.  And wondering how much I would miss being on there and other places.  

Because my social circle has shrunk considerably since the pandemic.  While so many of my 'friends' have decided the danger is in the past, I'm still immune compromised.  My chat with the doctor at the cancer clinic confirmed that even though I am still in remission, only half of my immune system 'works'. 

And then a friend who has been working hard to remain covid free got caught last week, and I just...well, I just don't want to get sick.  Or any 'sicker' than I already am dealing with.

I have managed to get to the loom at least once a day, some days, twice, and I think there are maybe 3.5 more towels left to weave on the current warp.  But today is a busy day so once is likely all I will manage.  OTOH, I can pick up my new glasses.  The optician recommended getting them fitted, then taking them off to go home and leave them in their case until tomorrow morning.  She said sometimes it's just easier to put them on first thing in the morning, rather than part way through the day.  Plus, my prescription had major changes to it, and everyone is warning me it's going to take time to get accustomed to them.  Since I have nowhere to go tomorrow, it seems like a good day to spend getting used to the new eye glasses.  I'm hoping they will alleviate the eyestrain I've been having and let me see 'better'.

Who knows, maybe I can finish the article that is nearly done and get it sent to a friend to alpha (proof) read and then I can email that, too.  Nothing like crossing stuff off of one's to-be-done list.

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