Monday, October 1, 2012

AVL and Elbows

I remembered to mount the cheese grater beam for this sample of Diversified Plain weave using rayon chenille and bamboo.  After weaving enough that the apron cleared the beam I wrapped the cheese grater on either side of the web with cloth to prevent the weft from catching on the metal and creating loops at the selvedge.

Many people complain about the cheese grater beam but it is necessary when weaving rayon chenille because the sandpaper just doesn't grip the nap of the cloth.  You need the deeper projections of the metal to reach past the nap and grip the woven structure.

Weaving at the AVL it is really important to sit high enough.  If your elbows are lower than the sandpaper/cheese grater beam you run the risk of abrading your elbows if you don't hunch your shoulders sufficiently to allow them to clear the beam.  With the metal you can literally wind up bleeding for your craft.  :^)

But perhaps more important is that if you are sitting too low the amount of foot pounds needed to open a shed, especially with multiple shafts rising, is such that you can very quickly start to have lower back problems.

We need to preserve our bodies from harm.  We only get one on our lifetime.  :)

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