Monday, October 1, 2012

Staying in the Now.....and Then

Although I try to live in the now, the work I do means that I must keep an eye on the future.  And so this week I have been reviewing my schedule for early 2013.

Some classes take more preparation than others.  Some classes need to have materials sent ahead of time and with the Christmas mail 'rush' and holidays coming up, those materials have to be sent early enough that people can prepare their looms, but hopefully not so soon that they get delayed in the mail.

My first trip in 2013 begins in January.

Jan. 20-25  Weaving Boot Camp  John C. Campbell Folk School

Jan 26-27  Magic in the Water  ditto

Jan. 29-30  Warping Fast and Weaving Smart  SEFAA in Atlanta, GA

Feb. 1  Guild program  Nashville TN

Feb. 2-3  Focus on Lace  Nashville TN

Feb. 9-10  Focus on Block Weaves Memphis, TN

These classes/workshops are now all accepting registrations.  I don't have links for Nashville or Memphis, but email me and I can give you email contacts for them.

My teaching schedule is pretty much full for 2013 so I'm looking for dates in 2014.  I try to find 2 or 3 groups to book me, especially if I'm travelling to the other coast as the getting there is so very expensive and it helps if several share the costs.


Barbara said...

Hey Laura, I've been reading your blog for quite a while now and feel like I know you. Funny - huh?

Anyway, I've wanted to take one of your classes at John C Campbell Folk School and have a question about materials and materials fees.

what type of projects would we be weaving and what materials are required to bring or purchase?

Laura Fry said...

Hi Barbara,

There is no material fee for the Weaving Boot Camp - participants should bring a wound warp plus yarns to do at least a 2nd warp, possibly a 3rd, depending on what they want to work on.

For Magic yarns will be supplied - wool, silk, linen, rayons etc. Looms will be warped ahead of time. Material fee will be $35 per person.