Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Activities

weaving the cloth with the back side up - it's VERY red!

working on the Handwoven article

This morning I finished threading the scarlet warp, ran to town to pick up the parcel with the yarns for the Handwoven article, started sleying and had lunch.  After lunch I visited with my neighbour, finished sleying, tied on, generated the liftplan and wound bobbins.  

Then Doug needed help on the roof of the garage (not my favourite place!) but since it had stopped raining he wanted to get that dealt with before it started again.

Back in the studio I opened the box of yarns, worked out tentative epi for each, then started rooting through my books to check for a photo and technical information I wanted to include in the article but needed to refresh my memory.  Amazingly I found what I was looking for, although it was more theoretical than I remembered, but at least I have the citation.

Finally powered up the loom and started weaving on the scarlet warp.  Dare I say everything is going smoothly, or would that be tempting fate too much?

Doug has gone off to watch football with a buddy so I'm on my own for the evening.  I'm going to make some dinner, watch a bit of tv my own self and then see if I can get started sorting out the text for the article and perhaps even weave another yard on the scarlet.

For Louise Penny fans - filming has started on bringing her Inspector Gamache series to tv.  No air date yet, but it will be interesting to see if the series measures up to the books.  In the meantime I'm still on the list for The Beautiful Mystery at the library, hoping to be able to read it soon.

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