Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Taking Care of the Details

Yesterday was all about me - maintaining me in several ways.  Today I have been buzzing around trying to tie up loose ends.

With a very busy 3 weeks (or more) still to get through it would be easy to let little things fall through the cracks.

My goal of having a representative selection of the new scarf design is well underway.  I had managed to get 4 or 5 scarves done for the show at the U a couple of weeks ago, wove a couple more short warps when I could get to them, wove one scarf when I got home finishing that warp, dressed the loom again last night and wove one of the two scarves this afternoon.

Three scarves have gone through the washer and dryer, and 3 more of the new design are currently in the dryer.  I'll press all 6 at once later today.  Tomorrow they can be trimmed and tagged and delivered to the show on Friday when we incorporate the inventory brought back from the last show into the inventory already packed in the van.

We also dealt with renewing insurance (house and business) this morning, and I got an email re: the Handwoven article - they want more info so I'll try to pull that together today and/or tomorrow.  The deadline is Nov. 14 and I will be long gone by then so it must be done before we leave on Monday.

Doug wanted to get my attache case and his two small 'bags' for his cell phone and wallet repaired but the shoe repair shop was booked up so we'll get those repaired after the trip.  The van could have gone in next week for the new audio system, but we'll be away so that, too, will get dealt with when we get home.

Doug is gathering up stuff for the trip, obsessing about which lightbulbs to buy for the booth.  With incandescent lights going the way of the doh-doh, he wants to find the 'perfect' lamp to best show off the weaving.  Good lighting is so very important or else the colours will look 'dead' and unattractive.

My small fill-in order of yarn arrived and I've contacted the two people who also placed orders with mine, hoping I can deliver during the craft fair here.  Plus I need to fetch some roving from the annex for a couple other people to look at.

I still need to pack some copies of A Good Yarn: Cotton in case weavers at the two big shows want to buy while I'm in their cities, saving shipping.

Doug caught the laundry up on Monday and Tuesday and now we both need to figure out what to wear and pack our suitcases.  I also need to hit the pharmacy because I forgot to stock up on the Niacin (which I take instead of other cholesterol lowering medications, all of which I have adverse effects to).  Unfortunately the heavy snowfall caught everyone off guard and the roads here are a mess and the young immortals are still roaring around as though it is summer, not winter driving conditions.  So many of them still have not figured out that while they may have four wheel drive, they don't have four wheel stopping on the ice!

And Friday I get my flu jabs, guaranteeing that I am going to feel icky for the show.  I may leave Doug in charge as much as possible and hide out at home.  If I don't get the Handwoven stuff ready today or tomorrow, I will have to do it during the show.

Details, details!

Currently reading  Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear


Sandra Rude said...

Safe travels, and I hope the shows do good for you. My flu shot this year didn't make me feel too bad, so hopefully you won't react badly, either.

Laura Fry said...

I had a friend say she didn't feel bad, either, so perhaps this year's batch is friendlier to the system. Good luck to you at any shows you are doing....

Sue Bye said...

If you're just starting the Maisie Dobbs series, you're in for a treat (and6 more books, I think).