Friday, October 5, 2012


After driving to Quesnel and back (90 minutes each way) today I felt like doing exactly.....nothing.  And that was pretty much what I did for the rest of the afternoon.

I did make a large pot of soup from the leftovers in the fridge which will feed us for the next few days because I have a feeling that after I'm done pressing on Sunday (and possibly Monday) I will feel like doing precisely.....nothing.

However, after examining the heap of textiles to be wet finished I realized I'd better begin tonight in order that I can have it all ready to be pressed on Sunday.  There are 6 loads to be done and the scarves may need several rinses depending on how much fugitive dye is left in them, so I began with them.

Tomorrow I will work on finishing off the last 2.5 yards of Diversified Plain Weave and hope to get it off by evening.  (Doug is having a buddy over to watch football - a perfect opportunity to work all evening.)

I have also decided on title and first sentence of the article for Handwoven so I will work on that, too.  In between I need to cone off the skein of yarn for the first sample, figure out how long a warp to make and maybe even wind the warp.

In other words, I have heaps of things to be done and ignoring them all really wasn't particularly helpful.  OTOH, I've learned that when my body and mind rebel like this, I'm further ahead to take the day off than force myself back into the harness, all good intentions aside.

I don't expect to get all the pressing done Sunday.  In addition to the above heap, there is also a large heap of tea towels needing their final press.  The goal is to get all the pressing done this weekend, trim the scarves and shawls Tuesday at guild and then Wednesday tag everything so that Doug can start loading the boxes with inventory for the first sale - UNBC's Artisans of the North, October 20/21.  There are 5 sales on 5 consecutive weekends before I can take some time off.  I have armed myself with heaps of jigsaw puzzles so I can veg and do something completely different.

(The rest of the sales in order:  Seattle Weaver's Guild sale, St. Mark's Cathedral meeting hall, Oct. 25-27; Studio Fair, Civic Centre, Prince George, BC Nov. 2-4);  Circle Craft, Vancouver, BC Nov. 7-11; Art Market, Calgary, AB Nov. 15-18.)

But my 'down time' won't be for very long because by mid-December I shall have to be getting the Jan/Feb workshop materials in order.  Not to mention continuing with A Good Yarn: Rayon and samples for the designer, if she likes my samples - which still have to be woven.  Heaps.

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charlotte said...

That's an impressive schedule you have! I wish you a lot of energy and good luck :-)