Sunday, October 7, 2012

Keeping God Amused

I had a plan.  It was a good plan.  I was going to get soooo much accomplished this weekend.  Can you hear the chuckling now?

Doug offered to take over the pressing this weekend, which would free me up to work on the samples for Handwoven and the designer.  Great!  I was looking forward to having the 5 buckets of textiles pressed ready for the next step - trimming the fringes of the scarves/shawls Tuesday evening at guild, spending Wednesday getting everything tagged and priced so that Doug could start loading boxes with inventory on Thursday.  The van was going to have it's winter tread put on sometime during the week so once we loaded the van for the first show on Oct. 20/21 it would just get loaded back into the van ready for the next sale.  Everything was going to go smoothly.

Hear the chuckling yet?

We went up to the annex and I reviewed what needed to be done to the shawls/scarves, the finishing press for the tea towels and the yardage for the 'after' samples for A Good Yarn: Rayon, then came home to tackle some of the stuff here.

Well, it was lunch time, so why not start with that?

I hadn't even finished eating when the phone rang.  "The press has broken down, I can't get the press to release the cloth.  Come now!"

Off I went - by the time I got there Doug had figured out how to release the top 'jaw' but obviously it had to be fixed before he could continue so the boiler got shut down and he ran looking for parts and pieces to cobble a fix together.

The press is very old and made from cast iron so getting a replacement part is not really possible and even if it were, we need the press back up and running today!

I will be heading back up there in a few minutes to act as mechanic's helper.  In the meantime I started cutting apart the loom state samples for the rayon chenille Diversified Plain Weave sample for A Good Yarn: Rayon - and ran out of masking tape.

Surely you hear the laughter now????

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Sarah Nopp said...

Weavers need both a small metal and woodshop!