Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Medusa Deadlines

To make things easier I cut the woven web from the apron rod (and beam), insert a plain beam and tape the cloth down to it.  You can't see it in the photo but I usually weave enough length that I can turn the raw edge under so I'm not taping to that but to the fold of the cloth.  Makes it easier to remove the tape from the web.

I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed right now as a Medusa head of deadlines looms over me.  Weaving this sample is very slow going - using two shuttles is more than twice as slow as weaving with one.  Plus the weaving rhythm is not regular - two picks with one shuttle, one with the other.  It's very difficult to get into my usual weaving zone so that everything flows smoothly.  It's a hop, hop, skip kind of thing and more often than I like I find myself with the wrong shuttle in my hand for the shed that is open.

But that is what this weave structure requires and the resulting cloth is so worth it!

It looks like I may be able to submit an article for Handwoven - right now I'm just waiting for final go-ahead - and therefore for the yarns to arrive.  I have a feeling it is going to be a huge push during the local craft fairs in order to get it all done.  So I'm trying to marshal my thoughts about the text - what I want to say, how I want to say it.  I've got the title but not the first line, which usually is my key to being able to write with focus and purpose.  And since Doug is now officially retired and willing to man my booth, he may wind up doing that while I'm scrambling to get the article done.  :^)

I'm also undecided if I ought to place a fill in order of bambu 7 from a local supplier in order to try to make the new scarf design.  Even if I get them woven, can I possibly get them finished in time?  But the longer I wait the less likely I'll be able to weave them at all unless I have enough to do a few short warps, just to have a taste of the new design in my booth.

There is also the sample warp for the designer - I'd really hoped to have cloth ready before the show in Vancouver so that we could actually have something to handle and discuss - she is going to try to come to the show to meet me in person.

Plus the weaving drafts for two of the workshops in February need to be reviewed, although that can probably wait until after the last show of the season - but that pot is very quickly coming to a boil.

The running back and forth to the van dealer this morning didn't help - first to be told there was nothing wrong, only to have it not stop playing on my second stop - so back to the dealer I went.  The good news is that they are ordering in a new audio system.  The bad news?  It won't be here until next week, and me with a 1.5 hour trip (there and the same back) to make on Friday.  I may stick the fuse back in and chance having 3 hours of the same cd for the trip.  Probably won't be Leonard though!

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Don't forget to breathe! And take care of yourself, Laura!