Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rat's Nest Update

And this is how that rat's nest of a skein looks woven.  The colours are fairly close to true in this photo and I'm very pleased, even though the two scarves that I will get from the truncated skein are much more expensive in terms of how much yarn I threw away.  I should have had enough yarn for 3 scarves.  :(

I am pleased enough that I will try ordering more of this yarn but I will ask nicely if they can supply 2  eight ounce skeins instead of a single pound skein.  Out of the four colourways I ordered, two were one pound skeins and two were 2 eight ounce skeins.  I'm wondering if the dyer realized that people were losing too much yarn in the unskeining process.  I know the pound skein is more economical for the dyer, but very expensive for the weaver (or knitter) if others have experienced the same tangled mess I did.  Since I'm a pretty experienced weaver with lots of good equipment, I don't think I'm alone in facing this sort of rat's nest.

Just about to go record the details of the samples for Handwoven and do the wet finishing.  Then lunch and a quick trip to town.  I'm expecting a rather large cheque that I desperately need to pay the bills plus a wayward parcel that USPS seems unable to deliver in spite of my having the correct mailing address.  Out of the hundreds and hundreds of parcels I've mailed all over North America, this is the first time I've run into this problem.

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