Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Contents Under Pressure

Since coming home from down south I have been...grumpy...which is probably the polite word for how I've been.

While cutting samples for AGY: Rayon apart this morning I realized that there had just been way too much pressure of one sort or another and I needed to dial back on that or else my health was going to suffer (not to mention my marriage!)

I have done everything I can think of to stabilize my health and with my family doctor on side I feel that there really isn't anything more than can be done except keep an eye on the several chronic conditions I am living with and make sure that my immune system is as healthy as can be.  To that end I will be getting both a flu and pneumonia vaccination as soon as they are ready - early in November.  I'd hoped for earlier because I'll be well into the show season by then, but there's not much I can do about the arrival of the vaccine.   I'll get the shingles vaccination once I'm done the last of my Rituximab treatments next spring.  I will also get the results of the bone density scan, probably next week, and find out what we should do about the early signs of osteoporosis.  :(  I had always assumed that I would never have problems with that because I have what are classified as "big" bones.  However it was pointed out that it doesn't matter how big your bones are if they are porous.  :P~

With problems with Puff over the weekend putting me even further behind I found myself fretting about the samples for the designer and Handwoven, AGY:Rayon, the upcoming shows etc., etc.  As I cut the samples apart I reviewed the 5 that I have got ready, the two in the pipeline and wondered what I would do for the other 3 to make a total of 10 samples.

And then I realized that any additional samples would just be variations on the yarns I've already used, so why not stop at 7?  There may be other advantages to having fewer samples - a smaller packet to mail might mean a reduction in postage (although there is no guarantee on that - I can't figure out final cost until the package is completely finished so I can weigh the parcel) - but certainly a lower selling price reflecting the fewer number of samples which would possibly make the package more attractive to buyers.  So I will finish the last two samples as planned and who knows?  AGY:Rayon might even be ready in time for Christmas.  Stay tuned!

I did manage to beam the warp for the Handwoven article but was not happy with the first sample.  Since I'm short of weft I am going to unweave the 6" I did and will begin again with a different weave structure.  The sample warp for the designer is beamed and I'm really quite anxious to get to that warp.

Working with another creative person for a purpose I have never tackled before has given me license to really let loose and work with colours completely different from those I generally use.  After discussing with the designer her product and examining their website it was obvious that saturated bright and bold colours were the ones she liked to work with, so I chose a brilliant scarlet red as the main colour, blue, green and a touch of yellow for the stripe.  I am hoping to have two qualities of cloth to show her in Vancouver and then we'll see if I get a contract.  If so, her minimum order will be 50 meters.  Good thing Doug not only knows how to run the press, but how to repair it!

The good news there is that a replacement part is only going to cost $35 plus shipping (and duty if it gets caught by customs).

Tonight I'll trim the scarves/shawls we pressed on Monday, tomorrow I'll price/tag and then everything that I can do I will have done to be ready for the first show on Oct. 20/21.  And then it will be a 5 weekend marathon including a 600 mile trip (each way) to Seattle, home again for the 2nd show here, then drive to Vancouver (about 480 miles), from Vancouver to Calgary (not sure on the mileage on that trip) and then home from Calgary (about 480 miles from there to here).

I've promised myself that I will be allowed to crash for at least a week once I get home.  I've got a stack of jigsaw puzzles and I intend to work my way through a bunch of them while catching up on the tv shows I will have missed during the craft fair 'season'.  Luv my PVR.


Michelle said...

This year's flu vaccine was available very early in New Mexico. That suggests that this year's flu season is not going to be pleasant?

Anyway, you probably know that the pneumonia vaccine has to be renewed every 5-7 years? i didn't.

The shingles vaccine isn't 100%. I had shingles about three years post vaccine. But it was a very mild case, just a rash, very little itch, no pain, departed in 14 days or so. So, it is well worth having it in your arsenal of preventatives.

Bettina said...

Dear Laura,

I have been reading your blog for a few months now, and i like it a lot. Since last august i have been weaving, and was searching the internet for a blog about it, so i'm happy i found yours. My weaving is untill now simple (as in: i'm on my third project and they all are shawls and with a "plain" structure) and i'm loving it!! Thank you very much for your blog (and videos!) and i wish you the best. Greetings from Amsterdam, Bettina

Anonymous said...

I would not, repeat, NOT do the flu shot and the pneumonia shot together. I have no trouble with the flu shot, but the other one knocked me on my rear. I felt sick for 2 days. If you do them together and have a similar adverse reaction, you won't know what caused it.

Unless I have a radical increase in the number and quality of chronic health issues, I won't get the pneumonia shot again.

I may not get the shingles shot, because one of my health issues is related to shingles/chicken pox, and I just don't trust that they've figured out all the contras at this point.

Laura Fry said...

Thanks about the head's up about not doing both the shots at the same time. The dr at the cancer clinic strongly recommended the shingles shot for lymphoma patients and, since I've already had shingles twice (in my 40's) I think I will go ahead and get it. Really don't want it again. :(