Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tomato Soup

I kept thinking about tomato/vegetable soup while weaving this.  Perhaps it has something to do with the weather or the colours (which are somewhat brighter in life) - who knows how the brain makes these tiny little connections?

Took most of the afternoon to deal with some administrivia and the article for Handwoven but that is pretty much done, just sitting on the back burner overnight.  I'll re-read it in the morning and decide if it needs any further tweaking.  Part of the challenge with writing for a magazine is that you are constrained by how many words you get to explain what you are doing.  A sort of 'creative limitation' if you will.  I think the samples are all dry now so I'll box those up tomorrow as well and make sure the box gets put into the truck for the trip south.  It will be much cheaper to ship while I'm across the border and will probably get there about the same time as if I mailed it from here Friday or Monday.

Started coning off the next rayon skein.  The last two are both 2 eight ounce skeins and I had no difficulty with the smaller format skein.  I'm pleased enough with the quality of the cloth that I will order some more of this yarn, hoping they can send the 2-fer yarn package.  I will also have to order in more Bambu 7 because I'm out of the colours I would like to pair with the variegated colours in these skeins.  :}  But I think I've got a good solid line for next year - the few I've gotten made now will test the waters, so to speak.

It's time to load the van for a show, so of course it's raining.  One of the weather apps is forecasting sn*w for Saturday so we'll see which one is correct.  The first sn*w of the season is always such a shock to so many people and the U is up on top of the hill overlooking the town.  We have winter tread on both vehicles and it looked like the tire shop at the bottom of the hill where we live was doing good business all last week but you just know there are still way too many vehicles out there on the roads with poor winter tread on.  :(

Doug will load the van tomorrow and once the boxes are all off the floor I will try to run a damp mop over it.  I just know it needs it.  Since I really want to crash when we get back from Calgary if I do the floors now that chore won't be hanging over my head when I get back.  I now understand why my mother would run around like a headless hen getting the house tidied before we'd go on a trip...

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Sandra Rude said...

Those sure are nice colors - they even look yummy like a nice autumn soup.