Saturday, October 6, 2012

Rat's Nest

Shortly after this photo was taken I finally gave up trying to salvage the rest of this skein.  I'd spent the better part of 2 hours winding it off and decided that I have enough yarn for at least one scarf warp and that was enough of an investment of my time in this skein.

I don't much like one pound skeins, especially when they are slithery textured yarn as this is.  In fact I thought the put up was 2 eight ounce skeins, so imagine my dismay when I discovered that of the four skeins I'd bought two of them were in fact one pound.

The first one pound skein wound off without too much difficulty but this one started misbehaving right from the get go and by the time I realized the squirrel cage swift wasn't doing a good job of controlling it, it was too tangled to try the umbrella swift instead.  So I carefully put it onto the Leclerc metal swift but in the end the loose ends tangled around the handle and the cross arms as well as themselves.

I threw away 6+ ounces of yarn with deep regret because the colourway is really pretty and I'd been looking forward to winding a scarf warp with it tonight.  Instead I have a sore back from constantly bending over the swift to untangle the yarn.

I can always make more money (to buy more yarn), I cannot make more time.
I can always make more money (to buy more yarn), I cannot make more time.
I can always make more money (to buy more yarn), I cannot make more time.

Currently reading The Unbidden Truth by Kate Wilhelm (and that's what I'm going to go do, right now!)


homesteadweaver said...

I love untangling ... send the mess this way and I'll make use of it, Laura!

Laura said...

I have an eight oz. skein of Merino/Bamboo that "barfed" and I'm with you - my time is more valuable than dealing with the yarn. Since I dye the yarn for sale, I offer the barfed skeins at a discount, just to not have to deal with them. Like you, they're always in colorways that I love and really wanted to display to advantage, but it was not to be...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

trish said...

Your postings really encourage me to cut off mistakes more often. I keep your mantra in mind "I can always buy more yarn"...thanks as always for sharing your experiences....somehow they make me feel less alone :).