Sunday, October 14, 2012


It took Doug all day yesterday to carefully fold and pack all the inventory we had in the store room.  Although we don't need it all for the first show, which is really quite a small show comparatively speaking, once we load up the van it won't be unloaded again except for when we are actually doing shows.  When we leave for Seattle the van will get backed into the carport and we'll take the truck south.  

I can't even begin to tell you what the total retail value is in the 11 boxes of inventory but it's more than I care to think about!  Since we do travel to do shows, I have business insurance but not nearly enough to cover the loss of all that inventory - perhaps enough to replace the yarn.  But with insurance so terribly high I have not increased the coverage for travel.  The chances of something wiping out my entire inventory are pretty slim, but it's not something I'm willing to gamble on - hence the insurance policy.

I also have a million in liability coverage for my booth - for one thing it is required by some of the large shows, for another it is just a good idea in case someone trips over your carpet or something and winds up hurting themselves in your booth.

And here is the finished cloth.  There was too much to be done with a hand iron, too little to fire up a wounded Puff, so I brought my little Elna flat bed press home and got the cloth pressed this afternoon after lace.

I am actually very pleased with how it turned out.  Now to see if the designer is, too.

This warp is also a great example of how very light values advance and darker values recede.  There are exactly 2 yellow threads on the outside of the narrow stripes on each side, with 4 threads side by side in the larger stripe.

And yet look how those pale yellow threads pop right out!

Also made some progress on the Handwoven article - the weaving part.  I'm hoping to finish the weaving tomorrow and get cracking on the writing.


Anonymous said...

Laura, the yardage takes my breath away it is just beautiful. Love your little puff, thinking I might need to get one just like it.

Dena said...

Laura-Thanks for the post. Just got back from a weekend show where everything had to go up and down a flight of narrow stairs and boy am I hurting today! One note on insurance...for years my stuff wasn't insured for travel. Since my show schedule is limited (Aug-Dec) I finally realized that I could get a rider for that time and not have to pay for the whole year. It brought the costs down dramatically and I feel so much better to have it.

Laura Fry said...

I'll mail the fabric to the designer today and hopefully meet with her in Vancouver. :)

Yes, you can get a rider for just one event, or a shorter time. But I do enough shows throughout the year that it is just easier to get an annual policy - and then I don't forget to do it. :)