Friday, August 2, 2013

A Little Respite

My shoulder has been 'bothering' me since my back went 'out' last March.  It wasn't helped by my powering through all the scarf warps on the Leclerc Fanny - all that cranking on the handle to bring the warp forward and reset the tension.  About 40 times per scarf.

This morning I went to the massage therapist and she decided that digging into my armpit and shoulder was a priority so I realized just how much battering that whole muscle group had been receiving from all that weaving.

And so, even though I'm only half way through warp #35 it seemed like a really good time to turn my attention back to the AVL.  At least on that loom I don't have to keep cranking on the handle to bring the warp forward as it has the auto-cloth advance mechanism.

Before I left for Boston I had started threading this warp and had about 3/4's of it done.  So this morning I continued to thread.  It is almost finished - had to stop and shift heddles about - and I will carry on with this warp until I leave next week.  I doubt I'll get it all woven, but you never know.  It's only 10 yards, after all.  I may very well get it done before Thursday.

I will be picking up more warps from the dyer on my way home and then I'll get back to weaving those when I get home, hopefully before the end of August.  I still have a very long list of stuff that really must get done by mid-October when the first sale of the season takes place.

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