Tuesday, August 20, 2013


It isn't autumn quite yet, but it is not far around the corner.  And the autumn shows are coming up rather more quickly than I would like.

The photo of the trees was taken from my front window a few years ago.  The warp at the top is what is on the loom right now.  I think the dyer has captured 'autumn' rather well.

It seems synchronicity is playing a rather large role in my life right now.  Events are morphing and coming together in ways that seem rather convenient.

One of my goals this year was to try and take some weight off.  Through a succession of health problems, adverse drug reactions, aging and slowing of my metabolism, I currently weigh a few (quite a few!) pounds more than I would like.  I am quite sure my arthritic feet would be delighted to be lugging around less of me, and who knows, it might even help my quirky blood pressure.

My friend had recently got a Fitbit  One and generously shared her experience with me.  Not only that, she had a 'spare' that she loaned me to give it a try while I visited.

The tiny device (anyone remember Dick Tracy?) records how many steps you take, stairs you climb, estimates caloric output and even  monitors your sleep to see how restive you may be.

Since my weight has been stable (although way too much) for several years now, about the only thing left for me to do is increase my activity level while reducing my calories.

So I ordered my own Fitbit One and the scale that records weight and % of body fat (bleh!) when I got home and am impatiently waiting for delivery.  I'm a little annoyed at the company - they only use FedEx and they sent the two items as two separate items.  Which means that I will wind up paying brokerage for not one but two parcels.  It also means a delay as the parcels are dealt with at customs so instead of waiting a few days to receive the items, it will be a few weeks.  :(

In the meantime I went out and bought slightly smaller 'plates' (they are actually shallow bowls) to make sure I start taking less food for dinner.  I'm pretty good at smaller portions for breakfast and lunch - I do tend to go a little overboard filling my plate at dinner.  OTOH, I've never been one to do 'seconds' much, so I am playing this little trick on myself in an effort to reduce my caloric intake.

In the meantime I am back at work.  Today much of the day was spent on more administrivia and finalizing the Power Point presentation, but I did get the first scarf woven on this lovely autumn colour warp.


re'New said...

I used the fitbit for about 2 weeks at work. Found out I walk about 5 miles during each shift. And a flight or two of stairs. Unfortunately due to the physical labor part of my job, I killed my fitbit. It's just not as rough and tumble as it needs to be in my world :) Fun product tho!

Sue said...

Good luck with the battle of the bulge. My own weight had held steady for over 20 years, much higher than I liked despite any attempts at lowering my intake & increasing my output. In April, I changed things up a lot, switching to mainly raw & home -grown. My bp is finally back to normal, and I've lost 20 pounds (not enough by far, but definitely a step in the right direction).

Rhonda from Baddeck said...

I love fall foliage colors, and she really got them right in that warp. It's beautiful!