Friday, August 30, 2013

Bonus Time

It is now 24 months since I finished the last dose of chemotherapy.  I am well into Bonus Time as the 'norm' for this type of cancer is 18 months.  But we all know I'm not 'normal', right?  :)

Even though two oncologists have been less than supportive of the 'up to 6 year' remission quoted by oncologist #1, I am going to go for it.

At times I worry a bit about booking teaching dates a year or more into the future - will I have to cancel?  But I refuse to live my life worrying about and fearing what is to come.

Let's face it, no one knows their 'best by' date.  There are no guarantees.  I could get run over by a bus tomorrow, never mind anything else that may happen.

So it means I may have to take another year 'out' while I do chemo again.  That means I'll still be here.

The thing with entering the world of cancer treatment is that you find out just how many people are on the same journey.  Some get cured.  Some live with it daily.  Some, like me, get a reprieve.

In the meantime I will enjoy each day as it comes.  As the poster on Facebook says - do not regret growing old.  It is a privilege denied to many.


Marianne's Focus said...

Powerful insight and very positive! Many blessings on your journey. I know too many who had their journey cut short from cancer. I also know many wonderful survivors. You are one of them.

Syne said...

We all live with a sword over our heads, you just know the name of yours and have a better view of its distance.

That said, you are an exceptional person, defying stereotypes in many ways. Keep on being an outlier.


Katie said...

And as doctors will tell you, your attitude is a huge part of your success with this disease. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Laura, positive attitude is everything and yours out shines the rest of us. Keep your chin up and your eyes on the horizon. Warm wishes