Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Photographic Evidence

In spite of spending most of the day getting stuff organized for while I'm away and packing, I did manage to squeeze in enough time to finish getting the loom dressed and even weave one mat.

In years gone by we made place mats and table runners on a production basis.  Each warp was 40 yards, 49" wide and produced place mats 3 at a time which were then cut apart, sewn round the four sides and wet finished.

When I started making place mats again a few years ago, I decided I didn't want to go into production at that level so I started weaving them on the small four shaft Leclerc.  Instead of fringes on four sides the mats are hemmed at each end and woven individually.

Each warp produces a dozen mats and I tend to wind each warp with a different combination of colours, usually close in value.  Unless I am doing an all white warp.

This warp is two shades of blue and I chose to weave the hems with the darker of the two blues.

I may weave a few more after dinner.  We'll see how it goes.  It's hot here again and being down in the studio is much more attractive  because it's cooler than on the main floor.  :)

Checking the weather forecast it is supposed to be hot and dry everywhere I am heading.  So glad I've got a/c in the van!


Melody said...

AGY:Linen&Hemp arrived, it is beautiful!! It completes the set with AGY:Cotton & AGY:Rayon.
Thanks for doing the Great Work! I will take them all for Show & Tell at Nanoose Guild meeting this evening.

Anonymous said...

When weaving with multiple strands (looks like you may have 6 there) do you not find they unravel off the bobbin at different rates? Sadly I've never successfully made placemats wish I could figure out how to do so soon :).

Swanknitter said...

What are you weaving your placemats out of? I want to weave some but am unsure about warp & weft. Can they be of different weights?

Laura Fry said...

Thanks Melody. No more Linen and
Hemp, just a few
Cotton and lots of Rayon. :)

The weft for the mats is six strands of cotton. Four strands of 2/8 cotton, one cotton slub and one cotton boucle. The yarns are wound together on the bobbin. There may be a very slight difference in the strands but the overall texture hides a multitude of 'sins'. ;)

The mats were written up for Handwoven a few years ago.