Thursday, August 15, 2013


Just finished some solid meetings in Portland and my time away is almost over. 

I can't say much yet, but remember the whining about my empty calendar for 2014?  Well, all that may change very soon.  I have been discussing a couple of projects and after the lunch meeting today, those projects may grow into even more extensive presentations.  Details have to be hammered out, dates set, other people's calendars consulted.  This is not me doing something all by myself but requires a team effort.  It feels a bit strange to have a team instead of it just being me or me and Doug.

I am very excited at the possibilities.  And who knows, maybe even the prospect of a little income, although that is never guaranteed....

The trip has been exactly what I needed.  After such a concentrated effort in terms of production over the past several months, I badly needed a break from the pressure of deadlines.  And that is what I have had.  A lovely visit with friends, seeing her loom get tweaked and working, long talks with another friend, putting my two cents into a board meeting, and finally, seeing a dream start to become reality.

Tomorrow I begin trending northward, stopping to visit with another friend and her family and then Sunday - home.  Refreshed.  Re-energized.  Excited about the coming year.

Can we say 'squee!'? 

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