Monday, August 19, 2013

Reality Check

Welcome to my world.  This is a view from one end of the studio to the other.  And yes, that is a narrow pathway between the two ends of the studio, made narrower by the line of boxes and bins to the left.

If everything comes together, I am confronting the fact that by next May my studio is going to have to be cleared out of all (and I do mean all) clutter.  All those boxes, bins and piles of....stuff....will need to go elsewhere.

I am in the midst of organizing Another Big Project.  Much too big for just me.  It will require a team effort.  And a team effort means several additional bodies will have to fit into my studio, along with their equipment.

For years I have arranged and re-arranged the various boxes and bins and piles of stuff to reflect the current big project.  When creating Magic grew bigger than my studio could contain, my brother generously allowed me to take over his rec room for the assembly and storage of the nearly 1000 copies of that massive missive.
I no longer have that option but I do still have the annex where Puff, the industrial steam press lives.  And so my goal for the next few months has to be to use up as much of all that yarn living stored in boxes and bins because the easiest way to store yarn is to weave it into cloth.  It takes up much less space that way!

The silk skeins that took up a 1 x 1 x 2 foot space have been coned and now require 7 bins.  Obviously that yarn has suddenly become a priority in terms of use it up and use it up now.

I came home last night determined to hit the ground running.  Instead I took one look at the reality of my life and work and hit a slump.  What to do?  Heck if I know!

Well, obviously the answer is, just do something.  Anything.  It all needs doing, why fuss about which job you tackle first?  So I am going to head to the loom, finish weaving the place mat warp I left on it, then begin one of the 8 painted warps I picked up from the dyer on the way home.

Fussing about these things won't accomplish anything.  Doing something?  Yes, that works!


Rhonda from Baddeck said...

Not to mention that if it gets woven into cloth, it might get stored at someone ELSE's house! Good luck de-stashing. I think I started reading your blog when you did your last big push, several years ago. I was astonished at how many different items were flowing off your loom.

Laura Fry said...

Absolutely! Having the textiles find new homes is the ultimate objective, after all. :)

Peg Cherre said...

Gee, wish I lived close to you so that I might help with your next BIG PROJECT. Woe, an entire continent intervenes.

Also wish I were as diligent at stash-busting as you!

Toby said...