Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Palate Cleansing

warp for blue/white place mats

stuff piling up for the trip

Since arriving home on May the what?  18th?  I have woven off the place mat warp I left on the loom, 36 painted warps (4 scarves each warp), the 10 yard warp on the AVL and beamed the blue place mat warp which I may or may not start weaving today.

I need a palate cleanser and what better than a road trip?  This one mostly pleasure with just a couple of items of 'business' sandwiched into the 10 days.

It will not be entirely 'holiday' from work though as I have a couple dozen mats to hem plus my worthy cause knitting to keep my hands occupied.  There is also a big stack of books to be read.  The ferry ride is 90 minutes one way, just over 2 hours (?) the other because I'm not retracing my original route but taking a different ferry, again in an attempt to by-pass the Vancouver traffic.  While I can drive the route through Vancouver, I prefer not to if I can possibly avoid it.  I do still have to drive through Seattle, and one large metropolitan traffic snarl is enough in one day!  :^)

On the way home I will stop at the dyers' and pick up whatever she has ready for me - warps and skeins, if she has time - so once I get home the mat warp will get woven off and then it will be back to the painted warps until they are all woven.

I prefer to weave in 'batches' because once I've worked out the length, width, epi, warp and weft combinations, there is no more thinking to be done, just the doing.  It's not boring, it's relaxing because I know I will get the quality of cloth I desire.  I enter the zen of weaving - there is no 'try', there is only 'do'.
(Thank you Yoda!)

The further complication this week has been that Doug and I have both been working in the studio.  At times we both need the same work space so I have had to be aware of him, what he is doing and then co-ordinate so that we aren't tripping over each other.  Too much!  But he's nearly done coning off all that silk and I have been turning some design possibilities over in my head.  Which means purchasing more yarn!  Solid colours for weft on the variegated yarn used in the warps.

But I am getting really tired of slithering through the pathways between stacked boxes so I am determined to start using up some of this yarn.  I just don't know when that is going to happen!

Currently reading - not sure - have to choose the books for the trip - Stephen Booth, Iain Banks, plus a big stack of pocketbooks given to me by a friend that are disposable - I can bring, read and recycle as I go.  :)

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