Saturday, August 17, 2013


My holiday is over.  The alarm will go off at 5:45 in the morning and my plan is to be on the highway by 7.

The weather, here at least, is supposed to be fine and I'm hoping that is true for the entire journey.

We went to the Nordic Heritage Museum for Viking Days.  There were some interesting booths with craft demos.  Mostly we took it easy, talked some, quietly enjoyed each others company.

The drive home will give me time to ponder more on the possibilities that may come next year, how best to prepare for them and get comfortable with tackling something I could not accomplish on my own.  There will be a lot of preparation involved, but should be sufficient time to do what needs to be done.  I am going to have to make very good use of my time, though.

It is a bit sobering, but also a challenge I think I am up to meeting.

I will have to hit the ground running on Monday.  There is a great deal of weaving yet to do, plus the Power Point presentation to finalize.  

It has been great to connect with friends and get to know some new people better.  But now it is time to head home and begin to make some dreams become reality.


Cathy Smither said...

Hey! That was Laura Fry! I was demonstrating weaving and spinning at Viking Days, and someone who looked an awful lot like Laura Fry walked by. I assumed, of course, that it wasn't you, because, why would you be at Viking Days? Anyway, I was having a great time getting kids to weave, and spreading the Fiber Arts word...

Laura Fry said...

You never know where I will pop up! :D Yes, it all looked like people were having a lot of fun.