Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Vacation

What a great start to my summer vacation.

Managed to hit the highway before 7 am.  Traffic was amazingly light given it is summer and I made good time.   Instead of driving all the way south through Vancouver I turned off and went via Lilloet and Pemberton, a route that qualifies for ultra scenic.  Unfortunately since I was driving I could not fully appreciate the scenery, nor could I take pictures so you will have to take my word for it!

As I drove through Squamish I noticed signs for their music festival and was doubly glad I'd taken the interior route or I would have been battling festival traffic north out of Vancouver.

I had made such good time I was actually too early to check in for my sailing (on the advice of my friend I'd made reservations) so I wound up in the holding pen for an hour until I could check in.  Another hour in the sun reading before we boarded and we were under way.

By the time the ferry docked in Nanaimo it was nearly full dark so I didn't get to see anything on the drive north but I did eventually get here shortly before 11 pm.

It had been a very long day!

My friends let me sleep in so we were a bit slow getting started but after a tour of their new house and grounds we made it to the studio and started dressing the AVL with a test warp.  Sheila wanted me to go through dressing the loom using a valet.  Then I threaded, sleyed and tied on, making a few adjustments and suggestions of things she might consider to make things a bit easier.

We had stopped for lunch at a local restaurant, then gone for a drive, visiting a local farm store so it wasn't just all work and no play!  By dinner time, however the loom was set up ready for final adjustments.  After dinner ( halibut, brown rice local carrots and yellow beans with sorbet for dessert) we watched Lincoln, which took us to bedtime.

Tomorrow we will fire up the computer and Compu Dobby and see how much it needs to be tweaked.  Who knows, maybe it will work perfectly.  Or maybe it will need some TLC.  Either way Sheila will be able to start weaving tomorrow.

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