Wednesday, August 21, 2013


It's official.  The webinar is written, tweaked, proof read (thanks Cindy!) and the technology tested.  Thankfully, the technology is fairly intuitive and I didn't have any problems downloading the program or understanding how to use the control panel.  The headphones (thanks Allan!) worked beautifully and Laura Esposito from Interweave said the sound quality was good.

We will have a final 'full dress' rehearsal on Monday, but the date for going live is...ta-DAH! - next Wednesday.  For details of how to register click here.

A note of explanation.

This is not a live video feed.  The presentation is in the form of a Power Point presentation with live voice.  Questions will be accepted during the presentation.

The topic is A Good Yarn and will discuss fibre and yarn characteristics.  Illustrations similar to the above will be part of it.  For those of you who may have not have seen this photo before, it shows two qualities of cotton yarn.  The top skein is ring spun 2/8 cotton.  The bottom skein is open end spun 8/2 cotton.

Even though they are both about the same grist (diameter) and both are made from unmercerized cotton, they look and behave quite differently.  If you buy one expecting the other, you will be disappointed....

Part of the seminar will address why they are different and how they are different.  They will make fabric of similar but somewhat different qualities....

Some people have commented that they won't be able to view the presentation 'forever'.  On the other hand, if you attended a live presentation of this topic at a guild meeting or conference, you would only get to see/hear it once.  With the webinar, you will be able to access the presentation as often as you like for 3 months.

When the internet was first conceived, I don't think anyone dreamt of the way the technology has grown.  To be able to take a class remotely, at your own convenience (you don't even have to attend the live presentation, just sign up and listen/watch when you want to), seems like a small miracle to me.

So while the format may not be ideal for everyone, I notice that there is a growing movement on the internet for more classes similar to these.  With more young people who are internet savvy coming into the craft via rigid heddle weaving, this approach seems like a reasonable way to embrace these new, younger people into the craft.  For us oldies, the experience of signing into the webinar was relatively painless.   If *I* can do it, so can anyone else!

This morning Laura E and I discussed the possibility of other topics that might work in this format.  If you have any suggestions, remember that it is a Power Point presentation - i.e. slides, no video - I am open to hearing what they might be.

PS - I've been told that the presentation, once taped, can be purchased into the future, not just next week.  And you still get 3 months to view it from the date of purchase.  You won't be able to ask questions live unless you sit in on the live presentation, but I will answer questions by email.

(Any errors in this blog are mine - check the link or the blog post on Weaving Today for details about system requirements, etc.)

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DebbieB said...

I have rotten luck - I have a doctor's appt. that I can't change, exactly at that time. I'm glad it will be recorded so I can listen to it at a later date. Good luck, Laura - you'll be fantastic!