Thursday, October 29, 2020

More Log Jams


Abby Franquemont

Yesterday after writing about log jams, the universe seemed to think I wanted more of them, and I spent way too much time trying to unpick several.

However, I did eventually prevail!  We now have an official Covid plan for the guild sale and hopefully the questions I answered today will seal the deal.  I cannot complain about the necessity of having a Covid plan - we already did - it just took some time to get the 'official' plan in place.  I am actually pleased that everyone here seems to be taking the pandemic seriously, even though our town has been pretty safe.  At least up until now.  (It probably doesn't hurt that the person in charge of the arts facility got covid early in the pandemic and is therefore hyper aware.)

Last night registration for the first three of the Sunday Seminars went live for guild members.   Birthe has made it as easy as possible for people to register and I am pleased to say that Abby Franquemont has agreed to take the lead spot.

The seminars are scheduled for 10 am Sunday mornings Pacific time (whether that is standard or daylight savings is to be determined, but it is easy enough to find out with a quick google search.  Our premier has been dancing back and forth about cancelling the time change and may do so now that he has a solid majority).

I choose a morning time slot so that some of our speakers could still participate without staying up until dark o'clock.  It also means that people living to the east of us can also participate without staying up until dark o'clock.  Because yes, even if you live somewhere else, you can participate.  If you choose to become an associate member, you can take advantage of the early registration and you get a discount on the public registration fee.

The end result was that I spent so much time at the computer I only got one towel woven.  I am hoping to get two done today.

I did pull some additional colours for weft because the dark navy will do about 5 towels.  When value is more important that hue, I was able to pick out a couple of very dark purple tubes and dark hunter green.  Between those two hues, there should be almost enough to finish the blue warp.  If I need more yarn, I have other dark hues that I can use.  Or if it is close enough to the end, I might just sacrifice whatever warp is left at that point.  To be determined.

We have another grey dreary day here.  It rained last night and the roads are a mess.  I am happy to stay home until the weather settles down and we get 'true' winter, not this shoulder season messiness.

Stay safe.  Stay well.  Stay covid aware.

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