Saturday, October 24, 2020

Progress Tracker


empty cardboard tubes

With the stated goal of using up/emptying tubes of yarn, it seemed to be taking a very long time to get significant progress happening.

So far, on the current warp, these tubes were emptied.  I didn't count, but it is a satisfying pile.  A confirmation that I have made progress, that stash is being used.

There will most likely be another 3 or more tubes emptied before I've finished the current warp - today, I hope.

It was supposed to come off yesterday, but I had some volunteers to assist with getting the guild room prepared for the upcoming sale dates, so instead of weaving, I spent a few hours at the guild room.  

By the time we left, the room had been re-arranged, things cleared out of the front half of the room, display equipment set up, ready to receive inventory.  I'm hoping for another helper on Nov. 6 to put out the textiles ready for customers.

I look at my shelves and see years more of weaving without ever needing to buy more yarn.  But I am beginning to weary of the endless tea towels.  Several times in the past few months I have concluded that I was 'done' doing these tea towels, viewed the quantity of yarn still sitting on the shelves, found more colour combinations I could love enough to weave...and pulled more warps.  But I'm thinking that the two in the queue, plus one more with a darker blue base, might just be The End.

I am making progress on the jigsaw puzzle on the dining room table, and I think that by the time I'm finished it, it will be time to pull out the spinner and start spinning some of my fibre stash.  Because I also have more than a little fibre!  And those rolags I made two years ago really need to be spun into yarn.

So, that would appear to be my winter sorted!  Not to mention my stack of books that wants to be read.

Somehow I don't think I will have much trouble staying home (because I can), wear a mask if I need to go out, maintain safe physical distancing.

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