Friday, October 30, 2020

Spark to a Flame


I have always believed that it is better build something than tear something down.  And if you need to tear something down, have a plan to re-build - better than it was before.

The pandemic has required us to shutter so many aspects of our lives.  There has been deep disappointment in having to cancel things - workshops, fibre events, family celebrations.  We have had to find new ways to do things.  New ways to communicate.  New ways to be together - apart.

With the rise in the use of things like Zoom, I saw an opportunity.  Even though I'd never hosted anything via Zoom (I'd participated in exactly one Zoom meeting), I knew hundreds of folk were using Zoom to communicate with groups - sometimes quite large groups - of people.  Even though I didn't know exactly how Zoom worked, I knew it could be made to work.  And I knew a number of fibre folk were initiating Zoom presentations.

And so I decided - if not now, when?  If not me, who?  And started contacting people I knew - or knew of - and asking - would you be interested in doing something via Zoom?

It took just a few weeks to contact people, get an answer yay or nay (because some people have unreliable internet) and move on to the next.  I had a mental list and simply went down the list, checking each one off as we set a date, and moved on to the next.

The guild had other things going on until the end of the year, so I decided to begin in January - a new year, filled with hope.  Seemed about right.

Birthe worked getting the guild website updated, set up payment options, developed spread sheets to keep track of registrations.  My part in this was just the spark.  Hers made it a flame.

A flame of light as the days became darker, colder.  Something to look forward to.  

Registration went live Wednesday night and people have already begun to register for the first three seminars.  As each seminar ends, the next in the queue will go 'live' for registration.

As things get 'worse' here with Covid, I have to accept that our guild room sale may get shut down before it even begins.  But I'm hoping for at least a couple of days where folk can come and buy guild members work.  Time will tell.

In the meantime we have an 'official' covid plan for the sale - and the seminars for those members who either have unreliable internet or don't want to deal with the technology.  All we can do is try.  All we can do it make an effort.  All we can do is hope.  And try to keep that flame alive.

Check out the seminars to see if there are any of interest.  You don't have to be a guild member, although if you want to, you can join as an associate (if you live more than 50 kilometers from town) and you will get the guild member rate and priority registration.

As for me, one tiny bit of  hope for 2021 - I have agreed to teach level one master weaver class for Olds next June.  Let's all wear our masks and beat this virus down so we can get back to in real life classes!

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