Thursday, October 16, 2014


Even after loading about 3 dozen bobbins with yarn, this very red linen cone still has 2 pounds 3 ounces for weight.  The cone is plastic so probably no more than an ounce of weight for that, so essentially there is still a kilo of yarn left...

There is enough of the 2/16 red cotton to beam a 36 yard long 25"/section warp.  That won't use up all of the red cotton, but I'm hoping I won't run out, either.  Whatever little dribs and drabs left will get donated to someone who can likely use it.  Any tubes with any kind of length left on them will be kept to use as accent in other warps.  Or eventually given away as well.

When I was teaching, those tubes would be used for workshops.  Now that I'm likely 'retired' from teaching I will either have to use those dribs and drabs up myself or pass them along to others.

It won't go to waste.  :)


Meg said...

Lovely red. I'm giggling because 1kg is the "big cone" size for me.

Andrew Kieran said...

I've yet to meet a cone that wasn't in the region of 25g. Unfamiliar with pounds and ounces, but I hold stubbornly to the ell

Laura Fry said...

While in Canada we are officially metric, in reality I'm old enough - and weaving is still in so many ways geared towards imperial measures - that I tend to use both, sometimes interchangeably.

Reweighed the cone in grams - it is 1016 total. Subtracting 25 grams for the cone, there is still very nearly a kilo of yarn left.

I have no idea of the size but think it's around 20 singles, perhaps a bit finer. So lots of yardage in a kilo. I'm hoping to use up at least half of the cone on this warp. :)


kathyo said...

Beautiful color! Christmas! :)